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What is "First Read Free", and how does it work?

"First Read Free" will become available when you download the app on your device for the first time, or update the app to the newest version. At any time during the campaign, you can read select chapters in the app only once for free. Free viewing of a chapter will end when the app's viewer is closed.

*If for some reason the app crashes while you are reading, a dialog box will show after restarting the app, allowing you to choose to read the chapter again.
*We recommend using the app in a place where you have stable internet connection.

What titles are eligible?

English SIMULRELEASE titles are eligible.

*Titles with serializations that have completed, been re-released, and other works are not eligible. For titles that will complete during the campaign period, "First Read Free" will end 30 days after its final chapter is released.
*You may still read the opening chapter and latest chapter of serialized titles at any time.

The ticket is already torn for some chapters.

Regardless of when the First Read Free campaign began, chapters that you have read in the past will be considered read and the ticket will be displayed in a torn state. Thank you for your understanding.

Where may I see the list of chapters for each title?

To see a list of chapters, access the description page through the title's thumbnail or the chapter viewer. You may select and read your favorite chapter with a ticket icon.

Will "First Read Free" also be available on the MANGA Plus website?

This campaign is only available on the app. Use this opportunity and download the MANGA Plus app!

Download the app to read all English Chapters for free!

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